Cleanse FAQ

ONLY AT THE HEALTH NUT, you can call in and pre-pay your order at either of our locations (McAllen or Edinburg)!
There aren’t any specific instructions that need to be followed before the cleanse, however if you’d like the transition to the cleanse to be a lot easier, try limiting your diet (Pre-Cleanse) to simply fruits and vegetables in small portions throughout the day.
The length of time you decide to cleanse should be based solely on what your body tells you, if you feel you’d be able to go for another day of cleansing, GO FOR IT! It’s always best to follow your own body’s signals. We have Health Nuts that do anywhere from 1 to 21 days of cleansing!
It varies for everyone! Many people choose to cleanse as a seasonal routine to help maintain goals. A good rule of thumb is whenever you experience any fatigue, anxiety, digestive problems, signs of a cold or even after eating heavily on holidays you should pick up a juice cleanse. We recommend doing a cleanse at least once a month for three days.
A good time to do a juice cleanse would be whenever you are experiencing fatigue/general lack of energy, sleeplessness, anxiety/depression, digestive problems, at the first signs of a cold, and of course, before of after any holidays or any special events that may lead to overindulging.
Absolutely not! A juice cleanse can be done for any number of days, we recommend going by what your body tells you. If you eat processed foods on a day to day basis, try cleansing often to keep your body at 100%.
Of course, they do! Day-to-day, we stuff our faces full of foods that are full of preservatives and toxins. A juice cleanse gives our bodies a much-needed break and clears our system of all of the toxins that build up over time. And due to the decrease in calories from the cleanse, some weight loss could be expected as well.
At The Health Nut we are constantly trying to reduce our carbon footprint, bottles from your juice cleanse can be brought in for recycling or can be taken to your local recycling center.
Day 1- Feeling a little tired and hungry is normal for the first day, its just like going back to the gym after taking some time off. These are typical symptoms of your body’s reaction to starting the cleansing process. Your body is in shock as it begins to shift from processed food into raw fruits and vegetables. Day 2- As your body continues to adjust you may experience similar symptoms to Day 1, in addition to mild irritability/headache and sweating. If you’re feeling these symptoms, it only means the detoxification is working. An easy way to relieve these symptoms is with a light walk to get your endorphins rushing! Day 3- Today you may be even more sensitive as your body goes into full shock and toxins are flushed further out of your system. The third day tends to be when your body begins to adjust to the cleanse. Now that your body isn’t having to focus on digesting your food, that energy is refocused into deep cleaning and maintaining other body functions. The great news is that you will feel less hungry and your energy will increase! Day 4- Toxic chemicals are leaving your body even more now and therefore sensitivity may still be an issue. By this time hunger has completely subsided and reversing certain food addictions are now in the process of being reversed! Day 5- Though certain symptoms may still be present this is the day when your body is exploding with energy! Euphoria sets in and your body begins to completely reset. Your body will now have and enhanced sense of health and well-being. Your skin will glow and your energy level will increase. Day 6 or beyond- Congratulations! Your body will finally be cleansed and free of toxin build up! Your mind will be clearer, your senses heightened and your digestive tract clean. You have now balanced your alkaline levels, regulated your digestive tract and reset your metabolism! Completing a cleanse even once will make it even easier each time you finish! Imagine the sense of achievement and supreme health you’ll feel after enveloping your body with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and nutritious enzymes.
Some hunger is to be expected while cleansing, however this is normal. Remember, your body isn’t being fed the usual load of processed foods it’s used to so it may take a bit of adjustment. However, if you’re still feeling hungry after you’ve drank your juices for the day, buy another juice! You’ll stave off your appetite without throwing off your juice cleanse. If absolutely necessary, a couple stalks of celery, half a cucumber, or ¼ of an avocado should do the trick.
Increased metabolism and reduced body fat, an Increase in antioxidants which reduces cell damage within the body, full system detox and a significant decrease in sugar cravings and appetite!
Please join the Health Nut Warriors Facebook group for sharing ideas, asking questions, getting answers and gaining support from those who are currently on or have previously completed a Classic/Skinny Fit/Mean Green Cleanse.
Yes, all of our juices have been numbered (Classic Cleanse) or lettered (Skinny Fit) for the sake of ease but can be taken out of order if preferred.
It is recommended to consume at least a gallon of water throughout the course of a cleanse, this will help your body to expel toxins broken up by the juice as well as keep you hydrated, and stave off your appetite. Most tend to feel a bit faint, or even experience headaches when not enough water is consumed, so drinking plenty of water will help to avoid this.
Exercise is not recommended during the cleanse but can be done. Try to minimize it to light exercise, and do not over exert yourself. Your body is running on much less calories than it’s used to on a day to day basis, therefore it’s best to let your body tell you how it feels. If you feel like you can go for a light to moderate work out, go for it!
If you have to eat something, try a couple of stalks of celery, half a cucumber or 1/4 avocado. Try your best to abstain though. Remember to drink plenty of water! This will help you feel full! Alkaline or coconut water is highly recommended.
After the cleanse it’s best to slowly transition back onto solid foods, but another step that can be taken would be to take a Probiotic or add Yogurt/any food that contains active cultures to replace any healthy gut bacteria that may have been lost throughout the course of the cleanse.
No! The main premise of our cleanses is to detoxify and remove everyday toxins from our body. This would negate the benefits of the cleanse and reintroduce unnecessary toxins back into your body.
On the last day of the cleanse you may want to eat anything and everything. This does not mean a trip to What-a-burger. It is extremely important to slowly transition back to regular foods, you wouldn’t want to shock your system back to normal foods.
When on a juice cleanse, a certain level of weight loss is to be expected due to the drop-in calories consumed on a day to day basis. However how much weight is lost may vary from person to person. Most tend to experience a greater drop in weight loss with our Skinny Fit cleanse, due to the fact that it is a vegetable based cleanse and therefore has far less sugar, and fewer carbs than the Classic Cleanse.
Our juices are made a bit differently than others, we use a cold pressed machine that involves a low RPM grinder that grinds the produce into a pulp in order to break up the fiber so juice can be easily extracted. The juice is never heated, leaving it packed with the highest level of nutrients, natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals.
Since they are perishable they need to remain chilled or refrigerated. You juice tastes better nice and cold!!!
We shop like you probably do, by looking for the best organic products available. When they aren’t available, or too expensive, we make the best decision to keep our juices at a fair price, while also making sure all produce necessary is available. We also source our produce as locally as possible, keeping local farms in business while helping reduce our carbon footprint.
Unpasteurized juice has a much higher level of nutrients, natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Not only do they have a longer shelf life without preservatives but contain fresh and richer flavors.
Yes! Not only are these juices packed with nutrients, they are delicious as well! The combination of fruits of veggies create the perfect pallet for taste buds!
Cold pressed juices are fresh for about 4-5 days from the day the juice is made. The expiration date of each juice can be found on the back of the bottle. Shelf life can be extended by freezing your juice.
Our juices are made with only the ingredients listed on the label. No more, no less.
Yes! You can store your cold press juice up to 6 months with it's flavor, minerals, vitamins and enzymes still intact!
Cold pressing is a much more time-consuming process than running fruits and veggies through a regular run of the mill juicer. Typically, juice can take anywhere from 12-24 hours to be made; from sourcing our produce, to juicing each individual fruit and vegetable. Because of the way our cleanses are juiced, this means the juice is extremely vitamin rich and has a much longer shelf life.
YES!!! Just kidding, NO! Eating a big meal after doing a cleanse could cause a shock through your system and isn’t recommended. We recommend slowly transitioning back onto solid foods, which is a much safer alternative to throwing away all your hard work!
Our juice is made with only the fruits and veggies on the label, so some variations may occur with each juice. No two fruits or vegetables are exactly the same and the juice extracted may vary depending on seasonality, crop conditions and geography, however we do our best to choose only the highest quality of fruits and vegetables for our juices.
Depending on various factors, everyone will experience different symptoms during a cleanse. If you begin to feel differently, it only means the detoxification is working. Common symptoms include: headaches, mild breakouts, and cramping. These can be signs of toxic chemicals leaving your body.
If you are considering doing a juice cleanse and are currently on any prescribed medications, we always recommend consulting your doctor to see if a juice cleanse would be best for you. Grapefruit in our Detox and Incinerate juice could interfere with certain medications, but these juices can be substituted for another juice within its own cleanse.
We don’t recommend doing a juice cleanse while pregnant or nursing due to the fact that the body needs to consume much more calories during both stages, which wouldn’t be fulfilled throughout the course of a juice cleanse.
Yes, all of our juices are kosher and meet all of the specifications needed to be considered a kosher product.
Our juice cleanses do not contain any lactose, or gluten, and only have whatever fruit/vegetable is listed on the label. No artificial preservatives are added to our juices, simply juice—no more, no less.
Yes! Our juices do not contain any animal byproducts, whatsoever.
If you are having any troubles going to the bathroom, an herbal laxative tea can be used to clear your stomach.
YES! We do deliver on a case-by-case basis within the McAllen and Edinburg areas.
We are currently in the process in developing a delivery process and system to the McAllen and Edinburg areas. Sit tight! Delivery is coming soon!!!
By all means! You can schedule your juices to be made each day fresh, our juices are typically ready by 2:00pm each day, however we will gladly give you a call if they’re ready sooner.
In the event that you're not able to pick your package up on time, give us a call! We strive to make our juices on time, every time in order to preserve freshness and so you get the most out of each sip. Should anything arise that may interfere with picking up your package, inform us as soon as possible so we can work with your schedule.